Rainbow Butterfly Paper Roll Craft (Free Printable)

Rainbow Butterfly Paper Roll Craft

Spring has finally arrived and all I can think about is playing outside with Lou. I am really inspired by the season right now, so a lot of Spring inspired crafts are coming your way! For this Rainbow Butterfly Paper Roll Craft, I wanted to make something that was easy for younger kids but also fun for older kids. To make the craft, I designed a free butterfly wings template for kids to color and create any kind of butterfly they want.

Making crafts doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, I’m a big advocate for using items already around the house (like toilet paper rolls) that you plan on recycling anyways. I believe that using items we already have helps to teach kids creative problem solving and innovative thinking - both are important skills they’ll use in a variety of ways throughout their lives.

Rainbow Butterfly Paper Roll Craft


To make the butterfly craft, you only need a few simple things. I’ve linked to them below using my amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

  • crayons (buy here)

  • acrylic paint (buy here)

  • paintbrushes (buy here)

  • black marker (I used a Sharpie)

  • toilet paper roll

  • Butterfly Template (available free in my resource library — get the password to the library by clicking the button below)

Rainbow Butterfly Paper Roll Craft


First, download the butterfly template from my free resources library. Then print it out and cut out the butterfly wings and antenna pieces. If you don’t have the password to the resources library, you can get access to it here.

Then, paint the paper roll using any color you like with acrylic paint. I chose to paint it aqua blue. Set the paper roll aside and let it dry completely.

Rainbow Butterfly Paper Roll Craft

Next, color the butterfly wings. Using your crayons, markers or pencil crayons, color in each white piece of the butterfly wings. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Do whatever feels fun and exciting for you and your kids.

Rainbow Butterfly Paper Roll Craft

Tape or glue the butterfly wings on to the back of the toilet paper roll. Then, do the same for the antenna pieces on the inside of the paper roll at the front (see picture above for example).

Rainbow Butterfly Paper Roll Craft

The last step is to draw on the face using a black marker. That’s it! So easy and fun!

And that’s how you make a rainbow butterfly paper roll craft. I think the best part of this craft is coloring in the butterfly wings. I love that you can make them any color combination that you want!

My really daughter enjoyed making this craft . I gave her a butterfly template to make all by herself. She was able to cut out the butterfly wings to practice her cutting skills, and color them in with her crayons. When it was completed, she was very excited to give her butterfly to her dad. Together they flew the butterflies all around the house.

Sometimes it’s the simplest, least expensive crafts that make the biggest impact on kids. This one is a great example of that. But, I also love the rainbow egg carton snake craft.

If you make one of these, please do email me and tell me — I love to see your creations! And, as always, let me know if you have any questions.


P.S. Want to make another paper roll craft? Try the Robot Monster craft - it comes with a free template.