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Hey Girl!

I’m Andi. A mom, a wife, and a business owner.

What I do here: I help moms simplify their lives so that they can feel less stress and overwhelm in the day to day stuff. Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but it can also be insanely overwhelming if we don’t learn to take care of ourselves.

I’m here to help inspire you and show you that life after children doesn’t have to feel so hard. If your days feel dark, or like you’re living on autopilot wondering if it will ever end. I want to show you how to change that.

Think of me like a virtual friend. I’m here to support you in your own journey and show you simple projects to get out of that rut. It’s easy to feel swallowed whole by the day to day life of motherhood when you don’t have a plan. Let me give you the roadmap that will build a simple routine to get you organized and simplified.

I expected motherhood to feel a lot different than it actually did. The truth is, I spent the first 2.5 years of motherhood in darkness. The huge burden of day to day life felt heavy on my shoulders. I didn’t enjoy anything and I felt numb to the experiences I was having as a mother. It was a place I would have never expected I would go, but there I was.

That’s when I discovered how to simplify my mom life. This is when the dark clouds started to lift. No longer was I facing every day with dread. Instead, I felt that spark of life I used to have before my daughter was born. One where I was excited and looked forward to what the future held. Now, I’m hugely passionate on helping mothers find this place as well. So that’s why I’m here.



Healthy Family Recipes

Organizing + Decluttering

Simple Kids Activities

Postpartum Depression

Traumatic Birth


Download my new Simplify Your Mom Life Starter Kit. This is my beginners guide to simplifying where you’ll learn how to get started, 3 easy steps to simplify your meals, and 10 minute projects to start tackling the overwhelm around the house.


My husband and I are both artists. We met at an art market where we were both selling our work. I spent many years making handbags out of vintage leather jackets and selling them on etsy. After we had our daughter, I switched to being a full-time mom and blogger.

I like to go to yoga when I have free time. I started going when I realized I had postpartum depression - about 6 months after my daughter was born. Yoga saved me and helped me really explore what was happening during PPD.

I love to collect old records. I especially love old Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac records. I’d eat avocado toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. And if I’m not running after my daughter, or working on our two businesses, you can find me at home with a glass of wine binging old crime shows.

If you want to connect with me elsewhere, I write a weekly newsletter all about simplifying mom life with easy steps. I’m also on Facebook sharing motherhood inspo, and on instagram when I remember to be.

I’m here for you, girl! Think of me like your virtual cheerleader. I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way. I’m so glad you found this little space on the internet. I made it for women just like you!